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Keep Premier Healthy

Every member of the Premier Community plays a vital role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping the school safe and healthy.

All students, staff and faculty must strictly adhere to safety and health guidelines put in place by the school and by the government to reduce the spread of this deadly virus. Since government representatives (NCDC) and public health officials may sometimes need to adjust the COVID policies based on the current status of the pandemic in the country, the guidelines here will be updated as well.


We understand that the current situation of the pandemic remains worrying and that apprehensions are been shown towards your future studies.

We are following the safety and Public Health guidelines of the Nigerian Government. Our priority is the welfare of our students, staff, faculty and parents.

Premier is here to stand-by you and we are looking forward to working with you in 2021. We have established virtual schooling for students who do not see it fit to return back to the school’s premises. If you have any questions and fears, please contat us. We are always ready to attend to enquiries and concerns.


Know how it spreads:

• Currently, the clinical approved vaccine for the virus is in the country. However, it is still safer to avoid contracting the virus if you can.

• The best way to be shielded from contracting this virus is to avoid being exposed to it.

• The virus is contaminable. It can spread from person-to-person.

o Between people who are in close range with one another.

o Through droplets produced when someone with the virus coughs or sneezes.

• These droplets can enter the mouth or noses of the people within close range and can be inhaled.

Steps to take to protect yourself:

• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water

• If soap and water is not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains more than 50% alcohol to sanitize your hands. Apply the sanitizer and rub your hands together until they feel dry.

• Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears with unwashed hands.

• Avoid close contact with people who are sick or who show symptoms of the virus.

• If the virus is spreading in your environment, ensure to always keep a distance between yourself and other people.

• If you have any terminal illness, avoid being in crowded places, wash your hands regula+rly, and wear your face mask AT ALL TIMES.

Steps to take to protect others:

• Stay home if you are sick.

• Cover your mouth with a tissue when you cough.

• Cover your nose with a tissue, handkerchief, or use the inside of your elbow when you sneeze.

• Throw used tissues when done with them.

• Wash your hands immediately with soap and water after discarding the tissue paper. If soap and water is not available, use a hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands.

• Clean and sanitise regularly touched surfaces every day.

If you develop warning signs for COVID-19, please seek medical attention immediately.

Guidance for Visitors

Premier is working hard to reduce the risk of Covid-19 to our community. As such, we are only allowing essential visitors into the school premises.

We are asking essential visitors to observe the following rules:

1. If you or any member of your family or friends has tested positive for Covid-19.

2. If you or any member of your family or friends is showing symptoms and is currently waiting to take a test or for test results.

3. If you have been advised by NCDC to self-isolate.

4. If you have recently entered Nigerian and are required to follow the Covid-19 guidelines put in place.

Visitors are obliged to wear a face-mask before entering the school premises, and are also expected to wash their hands or sanitize their hands before entering the school building.

Should you develop symptoms of Covis-19 whilst at Premier, please inform us immediately.

If you develop symptoms within 7-14 days of visiting the school, please inform us as soon as possible so the necessary measures can be applied by calling us on: 08069781274 and 09088097123.

Premier thanks you in advance for your support.