About Us

About Premier International School

Founded in 1997 with 7 pupils, Premier International School has today become a national and international centre for transformative, quality education. The graduates who have walked through Premier’s hallowed halls have gone on to achieve tremendous exploits in their respective fields all over the world. Since its establishment, Premier has worked tirelessly to espouse three defining attributes:

• A commitment to academic excellence and inclusion.

• A culture of discipline and morality.

A focus on the holistic development of its wards through a well-rounded exposure to sports, the arts and community service.

Although academic excellence has always been and will always remain core to the institution’s philosophy, Premier International School continues to evolve to meet the needs of today’s learners with the goal of ultimately nurturing individuals that can address contemporary societal challenges. As you walk through our doors today, we hope that you will find inspiration and determination to create a better world.

Once again, welcome to Premier International School.