Our school is an accredited center for Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Exam. We are in partnership with British Council Partner Schools Global Network and Association of International School Educators of Nigeria. All our teachers have attained requisite National and international trainings and certifications (such as CAIE trainings, Microsoft Certified Educator, Google Certified Educator, etc.) to ensure international standard. Most of our teachers are trained in teaching Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.





4.5 average out of 6.0 in 2019 Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

result in English, 3.9 average out of 6.0 in 2019 Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

result in Mathematics, 2.9 average out of 6.0 in 2019 Cambridge Primary

Checkpoint result in science.

Outstanding performance in Loyola Jesuit College Entrance Exam for several years; 2018 – 8 pupils gained admission, 2019 – 8 pupils gained admission and 2020 – 9 pupils gained admission. A total number of 120 pupils successfully passed the Loyola entrance exam in Nigeria 8 of these were from Premier International School.

Outstanding performance in NTIC/NMC mathematics competitions for several years and About 80% of our teachers are certified as Microsoft Educators. Overall 3rd position in NTIC 2019 Mathematics competition. Between position 1 and 20 in the overall result, we have 12 students from our school.

Premier International School claimed 7 positions between the 1st and 10th positions National Mathematics Competition.

How old is premier international school?

The Nursery/Primary School was established in 1997, the Secondary School started in 2007, and the Pre-University was established in 2018.

How safe are students in Premier?

Premier International School provides a safe and conducive environment where children can learn with confidence. We have 24 hours security guards and CCTV cameras installed inside the school and outside the school building for additional security.

Does your school operate bus service?

The school does not provide transport services. Parents are expected to make adequate arrangements for the

transportation of their wards.

What is the uniform of the school?

The school has different uniforms for each section. In the primary section, the pupils wear Tartan pinafore/shorts with a shirt/blouse. While the secondary school students dress in Shirt/Blouse together with Trousers/Skirts and a Blazer.

Can I pay school fees online?

Yes, fees can be paid using the online pix pay button on our website.

What is the capital development fee for?

The Capital Development Fee is a fee charged at the time of admission of a child into the school. The fund therefore is used for the upgrading and renewal of the buildings and physical facilities and equipment.

Is a family entitled to any form of discount?

There is a family discount for the third and subsequent child. Details are contained in the fees schedule.

What are the admission requirements?

Pupils and students are admitted based on both academic achievement and age considerations. A baseline assessment is conducted before admission is given.

What are the success rates in examinations?

Our students perform creditably well in external examinations and competitions and are able to secure places of the institutions of their choice. Result details are available on our website and social media pages.

Any plan for a boarding School and how soon is that?

Work has commenced on a plot of land which was recently acquired by the school for the building of a full boarding school.

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